2003 - 2014

Restauration / Office / Realisation

Charle-Albert Castle

When minimal architecture completes eclecticism

The site of the Charle-Albert Castle has nourished an urbanism debate for twenty years, obstructing  the accomplishment of any project until now. The castle, abandoned for many years, is degenerating. MA² in association with the office Art & Build was been entrusted with the conception of a new study to safeguard this classified heritage edifice. The project envisages restoring the facades of the castle to their original  appearance (in accordance with the Charter of Venice) and building 3.500 m ² of office space in an extension to the building. A contemporary touch supplements the eclectic air Charle-Albert fancied,  while preserving a maximum of greenery. 

A volume of deliberately minimalist glass resonates and contrasts with the particularly expressive and decorative facades of the castle.

  • 08-2014
    Le château Charle-Albert retrouve son lustre d'antan
    DH - 27 August 2014
  • 04-2004
    Le Château Charle-Albert sort de l'ombre
    Les Nouvelles du Patrimoine n°104PDF
  • 02-2004
    Charle-Albert renaît de ses cendres
    La DH les sports - p. 72PDF
  • 09-2014
    The restoration of Charle-Albert Castle is now over.