2000 - 2005

Restauration / Public / Realisation

Autrique House

The first significant Victor Horta building

« The first significant Victor Horta building, the Autrique House is a major element of Brussels’ architectural heritage primarily because this 1893 home represents an essential step in the evolution of the greatest Belgian architect, and further, because this building has just been the object of an exemplary restoration, contributing to a better understanding of the birth of Art Nouveau.»

In: Les impressions nouvelles.

  • 01-2005
    2nd prize for cultural heritage of the European Union - Europa Nostra 2005
    Europa Nostra, Berchen, Norvège
  • 01-2004
    Nomination to Caius 2004
  • 10-2013
    La Maison Autrique
    Les Nouvelles du PatrimoinePDF
  • 10-2005
    La Maison Autrique, Bruxelles
  • 06-2005
    Histoire d'une restauration - Maison Autrique
    A+ n°194 - p.58PDF