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Dewin House

The restoration approach aims to conserve the majority of the house's original elements

The focus of the project is to renovate the personal house of the architect Jean-Baptiste Dewin (1873-1948), located at 151 Molière Avenue in the community of Forest.

The restoration approach aims to conserve the majority of the house’s original elements. The goal is to maintain the hierarchy of the different rooms, whilst integrating them correctly using certain adaptations, essential to revealing the evolution in lifestyle. Everything that is part of the original concept, from 1907, such as  door forms, railing design, floor materials, iron work, and windows, is maintained and faithfully restored. The same is done for the missing grids of the drop zone that will be, in this case, reconstructed.

The ground floor space will regain its original solemnity. This space will be drawn in the artistic spirit of JB Dewin: very precise work, rigorous drawing, and with the right sense of proportion. The windows and the ceilings, require greater care when restored.  The pillars, composed of four columns and their marble bases, will find their place in the dining room. Just as in 1907, the stencil pattern which adorned the walls will be rigorously renovated.

In order to adapt the house to contemporary standards, and maintain its protected elements, the plumbing and electrical installations will be discretely and carefully renewed.

  • 04-2014