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The iconic Galerie Louise finally restored

Between 1923 and 1925, the Goulet Louise sees a large investment property being build set with housing on the upper floors and shops on the ground floor. In 1949, the interior courtyard behind the front Beaux-arts style is restructured to make place to a multi-level multifunctional complex including two floors of parking. Designed by the architects Ide, Somers and de Montigny, thus the Galerie Louise is born, a covered commercial Street housing some fifty shops with access to Avenue Louise. Seven years later, another access is given to Place Stéphanie. Following the spirit of the trace out, The Galerie of the Porte Louise is then set up in 1963-1964 opening up on Avenue de la Toison d’Or. Thus a large covered commercial and pedestrians axis connects place Stephanie, Avenue Louise and Toison d’Or. In 1987, the Espace Louise will form the last extension to this pathway.
Engraved in the collective memory as part of emblematic heritage of this commercial district at the upper town, the Galerie Louise has lost its identity through the years though. The succession of different shops and the modification of their fronts have upset its overall consistency and a renovation project was necessary. It has been entrusted to Francis Metzger and his architecture workshop Ma². Faithful to his philosophy that suggest to dialogue with the past in a contemporary way to preserve the original touch of the work, the architect favoured a scenography where the lateral rhythm of the shops is restored. However, the store windows previously split on two levels now set of vertically in full clarity as a delicate touch on the lighting has been created. This articulation has made it possible to restore a homogeneous identity to the place. This was achieved by the use of noble materials (creamy stone, coal steel frame and brass edging), a perfect lighting and graphic harmony. In addition, a careful valuation of details preserves the architectural features specific to the Gallery. In addition, certain spaces have been merged in order to accommodate larger areas and therefore meet commercial realities. The completion is underway for the end of 2020.

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