The restoration of the Delune House comes to an end in beauty

The so-called Delune House, the oldest on Roosevelt Avenue, was built before 1910 World’s Fair, consequently before the construction of roads designed for it. This originality explains its particular orientation and the existence of its multiple access routes. Fortunately it escaped from the fire which ravaged a part of the constructions of the Exhibition.

The new dense programme, has been carefully analysed in order to meet the requirements of the contracting authority; in particular concerning the special techniques and the security, very important elements imposed by the imperatives and constraints of a place hosting an embassy. The integration of these techniques was very complex in this project whose primary objective was to give back to this exceptional building all its authenticity. A multi-purposes pavilion is also integrated and allows the design of flexible workspaces and collaborative zones. Despite the notable difference in scale between this project and the one we are working on, it is trough reflection on the details that a project of this importance materialises in a coherent and global way.

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