The construction of the auditorium Jean Nile

“The adventure of this auditorium begins, surprisingly, a few years before its construction around the year 2005. In those days, the ULB makes land available at the road to Lennik in Anderlecht, to host the Haute École Libre de Bruxelles Ilya Prigogine, partner of the ULB.
The call for tenders was granted to Ma², which aimed to gather the paramedical divisions on the Erasmus site.
It is only later, around the year 2013, that the request for a 300 seats auditorium in the memory of Jean Nile, founder of the Haute Ecole Ilya Prigogine, has arrived. An order requiring that the architect Francis Metzger, from Ma² Metzger and Associates architecture, to find the proper way to raise a new object within a project that he has conceived and built 10 years earlier.”

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