Contemporary creation: the Nile by Ma²

© dmvA Architecten – Sergio Pirrone / Compagnie-O/John Kömeling – Tim Van de Velde.

Edited by Prisme Editions, this 10th volume of a collection dedicated to contemporary architecture just came out and the Ma² team love its content: Prisme Editions.

Pointing out more than 60 projects, Belgium New Architecture 7 attests of the vitality of architectural creation in Belgium

As a preamble, please find here articles concerning public spaces:

  • " L'émergence de la rue intelligente et intégrée : espaces publics et mobilité intégrée à Shanghai et NewYork " by Anastasia Velnidis and Sebastian Goethals.
  • " Une réappropriation de l'espace public " by Kristiaan Borret, Bouwmeester Maître Architect of Brussels-Capital and Sophie Gérard (Team BMA).
  • " Fabriquer la ville sur les boulevards" by Rien Van de Wall andWim Menten.
  • " L'espace public ou la négociation " by Georgios Mailis, Bouwmeester Maître Architect of Charleroi.

Pages 260-263, Ma2 presents the Auditorium Jean Nile: an auditorium of 325 seats that inserts itself like a meteorite on the HELB campus in Anderlecht.

Découvrez le projet Jean Nile Auditorium