Regaining the identity of the architectural work

29.06.2016 -  Royal Academy of Sciences, Letters and Fine Arts of Belgium

A lecture-type course of Francis Metzger at the Royal Academy of Sciences, Letters and Fine Arts of Belgium, on the philosophical and methodological approach of restoration.

A lecture-type course is a peregrination through the works insisting on philosophic principles implemented and a methodology that allows the space exploration of the identity of the work. 

“For more than twenty years, the architect Francis Metzger endeavour to restore remarkable buildings. Amongst the projects completed we can mention the “villa Empain”, the Delune House, the Charle-Albert Castle, the Solvay Library or the works of Victor Horta as the Autrique House and the Central Station. Other buildings are being restored, the Astoria Hotel, the Aegidium and the Saint Cyr House. All these projects are part of the history of architecture and have gone through a dark period. These major works had lost their identity as time passed by. Some almost disappeared. After restoration many people have rediscovered these major works. Getting them back to life needs a clear methodology based on a scientific approach. Historical as well as pathological studies are necessary. Before setting up a restoration philosophy one has to know the masterpiece perfectly. Some buildings are restored with the aim of regaining an identity closer to its origin; others need a more complex approach” 

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