Two Ma2 projects nominated for the Publica Awards

Organised by EBP, the Publica Awards, reward the best projects resulting from public tenders. Ma2 has presented two projects; both were nominated: The Church of Saint-Servais (in the Heritage and Architecture category) and the secure doors of the Palace of Justice (in the Security and Safety category). While a Jury will decide on the winners, the public can, for itself, vote in favour of its favourite project. We thank you for voting too!
•    Heritage and Architecture category: the architecture heritage encompasses all human constructions of considerable value. It can refer to history or be an important symbol of cultural identity. In any case, it deserves to be preserved with the objective of allowing future generations to evolve, knowing its roots. Among 25 nominees: the Saint Servais Church in Schaerbeek. 
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•    Security and Safety category: the importance of citizen security must no longer be explained. Every day in the Media, we are faced with all kinds of possible threats that could endanger our security. The Publica Award Security and Safety is awarded to the institution that submitted the best public project in the field of security. Among 8 nominees: the secure doors of the Palace of Justice in Brussels.

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