LN24's weekly interview

To mark the beginning of the new TV season, Belgian news channel LN24 welcomed Brussels architect Francis Metzger. As part of his interview with the channel's CO Joan Condijts, Metzger evoked some of his past and current projects. He also discussed his activities as architect and teacher, and explained his approach to missions – both renovations and creations – and position vis-à-vis the past, the plethora of public and private stakeholders, etc. He then debated the profession's current challenges, the philosophy of today’s architecture with regards to the changing nature of cities, his personal satisfaction in working in a team and his passion for football... Before concluding: “We must assert our right to be bold, not at any cost, but rather in a spirit of listening and respect... Projects arise from a combination of dialogue and innovation”.

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You can watch the following specific topics at the indicated timeframe:

03:30 – the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken, for which the technical renovation dossier is in progress
8:09 AM – the Brussels Courthouse with its new secured gates and where the new box-in-the-box is currently being completed
1:15 PM – The Astoria Hotel, where works are about to start
4:26 PM – The Aegidium, which is currently being bought by the Théâtre Le Public, thus reverting to being the magical venue envisioned when it was first built
6:15 PM – The issues around the renovation of the King Baudouin stadium
33:00 – The auditorium Jean Nile, inaugurated in 2018
35:00 – The history of Victor Horta and Maxime Brunfaut's Brussels Central Station and influence of then burgomaster Adolphe Max on the project