Less offices, more housing projects

In view of the historical value of this cottage which dates from 1937 and the degradation of its environment, brought by its transformation into offices and the construction of annexes built between 1980 and 1991, it was imagined a return to its original function, in this case housing.

In addition, in accordance to PRDD and in response of the needs of Brussels region in terms of housing densification, it is planned to build new wings of modern and refined housing that surrounding the cottage will permit to enhance it, in conformity with the “Charte de Venise”.
Important point: the environmental and ecological control of this project. Following the recommendations of the IBGE, the programme provides for the recovery of rainwater to feed the “Étangs Mellaerts” while the production of energy will be done trough solar panels installed on the green roof. Thus these apartments will display a PEB category A.   

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